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At Made You Look Optical we know how valuable your sight is.  That is why we will take the time to find the perfect visual options that meet all your needs.  


We carry a wide range of eyeglass frames for adults and children. 


Children's eyewear

When it comes to children's glasses, we will take the time to make sure the glasses fit your child properly.  Improper fitting eyewear on kids can leave permanent damage to their faces, or not allow the child to see properly.  80% of all learning disabilities are visual based, so it is so important that the child not only loves their glasses, but also realizes the benefits to wearing them.  We are patient and will take time to work with kids, especially when they are choosing their glasses for the first time.  It can be overwhelming for both the parents and kids, so please come with lots of questions and let us help make this a fun experience!

Adult eyewear

Picking out your glasses can be fun, but also an overwhelming process.  Made You Look Optical wants you to find your perfect glasses that not only gives you superior vision, but also reflects you!  Glasses are the first thing people see when they look at you, so why not have a little fun.  Wither you want to be serious in classic black or tortoise frames, or a little more outspoken in vibrant colours, we take the time to find YOUR perfect look.  

Contact Lenses

There are so many different options now in contact lenses, that there is

almost a lens for everyone and every need.

Even if you have astigmatism or need bifocals there is a lens for you to try!  We carry all types of contact lenses from monthly, daily disposable, toric for astigmatism or multifocal lenses, or if you want to change the colour of your eyes.  We also fit hard RGP lenses. 

We will take precise measurements of your eyes which help us fit you with the perfect lens. 

Book your appointment to find your lens.  

Eye Exams

We do offer comprehensive eye exams by a licensed optometrist. 

It is recommend that children have their first eye exam by 6 months old,

and then one every year after that.  They are covered by OHIP

Seniors 65 and older are also covered by OHIP.

Call to book your appointment.

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Color Contacts
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