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Welcome to Lazy Dazy Animal Haven


There are two things that are very dear and important to me.  

Helping people see their best, and the care and welfare of animals.  That's why my husband and I started Lazy Dazy Animal Haven.  While there are so many aniamls in need of a home, the elderly, terminally ill, or severely abused always get left behind.  These are the ones that need us the most, when they are at their most vulnurable. 

So we opened our home to these gentle souls.  Helping them through their illness and trauma, or just a quiet, safe, lovely home to feel like they matter to someone.

Over the last 18 years we have been home to dogs, cats, parrots, horses, and even a pig, yes one that lives in the house with us!   

These beautiful creatures have taught us so much.  How to strong, loving and selfless.  Give us so much love and ask so little in return.  They make us better people.  

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